Our customers trust us because we keep them informed and handle furniture, appliances, and oversized deliveries as if they were our own. Your customers will trust you for the very same reasons.

What Sets Us Apart

A higher standard comes standard.

We offer extraordinarily careful service and damage-free delivery of oversized, bulky, and heavyweight merchandise, nationwide.

Our Promise: Damage-Free Delivery

In the home delivery industry, seven to twelve percent of deliveries arrive damaged. Yours won’t. Your damage rate will be less than one percent.

How We Do It

Our closed ecosystem, obsessive processes, and last-mile delivery specialists are the secrets to our success.

Closed Ecosystem

We operate our centralized call center and strategically located cross dock facilities for the sole benefit of FragilePAK customers. We prevent damage and maintain the integrity of merchandise by never mixing freight, and we are the only provider with an exclusive linehaul network designed for oversize goods.

Obsessive Processes

We load goods by hand. No forklifts. We photograph every shipment throughout its lifecycle. Our ride-along technology tracks orders from point-of-sale to point-of-delivery, and we train anyone who touches your product in the “FragilePAK Way.” We carefully schedule deliveries, offer the flexibility to change them, and call every consignee 30 minutes before arrival.

Last-Mile Delivery Specialists

We deliver on customers’ brand promises with the best-trained, most careful, last-mile delivery network in the business. Our teams are locally-owned, certified in our handling processes, and required to use the same technology integrated with the rest of our ecosystem.

Beyond Home Delivery

Our oversized, bulky, and heavy delivery network also offers a focused solution for business deliveries, store replenishments, restaurant and medical equipment delivery, large artwork, and more. We even move large machines for factories. Big, sensitive, or fragile freight requires the special care FragilePAK delivers.

Success Stories

Look who’s using our proven home delivery network.

Leading companies are enhancing their brands and spending less on damaged freight with FragilePAK.

Furniture Retailers
Sporting Goods Retailers
Recreational Equipment
Home Decor
Better than LTL Shipping
Why FragilePAK?

Choose us for damage-free delivery. Stay with us to deliver on the promise of your brand.

Spend Less

Because we virtually eliminate costs associated with damaged freight, most of our clients report a significant reduction in overall spend.

Deliver More

Ensure your deliveries of furniture, home fixtures, appliances, bedding, and more result in happy customers who will order from you again.

Communicate Better

Our technology provides real-time, accurate information about every shipment we touch. That type of visibility empowers everyone involved to better ensure the safety of goods and the quality of delivery.

Nationwide Service

Take a closer look at our delivery network.

We serve every ZIP code in the “lower 48” states from a centralized operations center, a nationwide network of crossdock operations, and hundreds of convenient locations.

Our centralized operations center is in Henderson, NV and also serves as the headquarters of our company.
We serve each region of the United States from strategically located warehouse and crossdock locations.
Our Moreno Valley, CA warehousing and crossdock operation serves ten states, connecting with strategically located delivery hubs blanketing the West.
Our Indianapolis, IN warehousing and crossdock operation serves thirteen states, connecting with dozens of strategically located delivery hubs throughout the Midwest.
Our Breinigsville, PA warehousing and crossdock operation serves twelve states, connecting with scores of strategically located delivery hubs throughout the Northeast.
Our Richardson, TX warehousing and crossdock operation serves six states, connecting with strategically located delivery hubs in major cities throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states.
Our McDonough, GA warehousing and crossdock operation serves seven states, connecting with strategically located delivery hubs in dozens of locations throughout the Southeast.
Expecting a Delivery? Got Questions?

If you have questions about a delivery, contact us here:

If you have a PRO Number, please include it or have it ready when you contact us.

By email: questions@fragilepak.com

By phone: (720) 535-4139

If you have a tracking number and want to track your delivery, use the button, below.

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Retailers & Manufacturers

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Calculate your Damage Savings with FragilePAK

To put it plainly, companies lower their costs and spend less when they switch to FragilePAK to manage oversized, bulky, and heavy shipping, warehousing, and delivery. In fact, many customers eliminate close to 90% of damage claims.

Try our Damage Savings Calculator, below. Just enter a few pieces of data, and we’ll calculate your estimated savings.


Estimated Savings
with FragilePAK


This amount represents your estimated savings from reduced damage claims, alone. Beyond these estimated savings, there are additional costs you’ll reduce when you switch to us, including:

  • Administrative costs of managing damage claims
  • Cost of returns management and restocking
  • Cost of re-shipping and re-delivering merchandise
  • Technology costs
  • Reputation loss and the cost of lost repeat business

Ask your FragilePAK representative for a more detailed, consultative calculation of return-on-investment. Let us illustrate more precisely how our damage-free service is likely to lower your spend.