A World-Class Delivery Experience

Our communication, workflow, and processes are designed to provide you with a world-class delivery experience. That experience begins with accessibility. While we do suggest reaching out first to your place of purchase, you are always welcome to contact us with questions or concerns. Questions@FragilePAK.com.

What Happens First?

Your place of purchase will send us a notice with details of your order and your expectations for delivery.

During this step in the process, we’ll know there’s a shipment pending, but your purchase may not be in our possession, immediately. Even so, if you have questions, you are welcome to contact us. And if you have tracking information, you can track your shipment, below.

Next, We'll Have Your Item

Once we receive the item we’re delivering to you, we’ll send you an alert with tracking information.

It’s important to note that when we “receive” your item, it might not be local to you, just yet. It may still need to move across the region or even the country.

We’ll send you a link via email or text, and you can use it to track your purchase as it makes its way through our delivery system.

It's Time to Schedule Your Delivery

Once your purchase reaches a delivery dock near you, we’ll reach out to schedule your delivery.

We’ll contact you by phone, text, or email — we’ll likely reach out in more ways than one — to schedule your delivery on a day that’s convenient to you.

We’ll also let you know how you can adjust that delivery date, in case you need to.

The Day Before Your Delivery

We’ll Call with a Delivery Window.

The day before your scheduled delivery, we’ll provide you with a 4-hour delivery window.

If the timeframe we suggest isn’t best for you, just let us know what is.

We want to deliver your item when it’s most convenient to you.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Delivery

We’ll Give You a Heads-Up, Before We Arrive.

We will call you 30 minutes before we arrive with your delivery.

Once our delivery is complete, we’ll ask you to confirm the quality of our delivery and request your signature on a mobile device.

How Long Will the Delivery Take?

We’ll work efficiently to give you the greatest delivery experience of your life.

How long our team stays on location and what they do will depend upon the level of service you bought from your place of purchase.

Sometimes it’s a simple drop off of merchandise; other times we unpack, assemble your item, and remove debris.

If there’s any discrepancy or concern, we’ll make sure you know how to contact us. Rest assured we’ll work with you to ensure outstanding service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How long will it take to receive my merchandise?

The answer to this question varies, depending upon what you bought; yet, because we specialize in oversized, bulky, and heavy shipments, it’s worth noting that these shipments tend to move more slowly and carefully than small package deliveries. Total transit time from shipment through delivery can take up to two to four weeks; however, once you have a tracking number, you can track your shipment, below, to get a better idea of progress as your purchase makes its way to you.

Q:According to the tracking page, you've had my merchandise for weeks; why isn't it moving?

Sometimes items are entered into our tracking system the moment they are ordered — before they are actually in our custody. When this happens, it’s likely we have not actually received your item. You can always reach out to us for clarification.

Q:What is the fastest way to get current information about my delivery?

If you have a tracking number, the fastest way to get current information about your delivery is to track it, below.

If you have not received a tracking number, then it’s likely your purchase has not been shipped to us, yet; however, you are always welcome to email us at Questions@FragilePAK.com.

To speak to a FragilePAK representative, call (720) 535-4139. We’ll be pleased to hear from you.

For the fastest and most precise response to an email or phone call, we suggest including your “PRO” number or your “Order Number,” if you have one.

Your Delivery

If you have a tracking number, you can track your order here.

Calculate your Damage Savings with FragilePAK

To put it plainly, companies lower their costs and spend less when they switch to FragilePAK to manage oversized, bulky, and heavy shipping, warehousing, and delivery. In fact, many customers eliminate close to 90% of damage claims.

Try our Damage Savings Calculator, below. Just enter a few pieces of data, and we’ll calculate your estimated savings.


Estimated Savings
with FragilePAK


This amount represents your estimated savings from reduced damage claims, alone. Beyond these estimated savings, there are additional costs you’ll reduce when you switch to us, including:

  • Administrative costs of managing damage claims
  • Cost of returns management and restocking
  • Cost of re-shipping and re-delivering merchandise
  • Technology costs
  • Reputation loss and the cost of lost repeat business

Ask your FragilePAK representative for a more detailed, consultative calculation of return-on-investment. Let us illustrate more precisely how our damage-free service is likely to lower your spend.