Accelerate Your Growth.

If you own or operate a last-mile delivery company, this is your opportunity to become a preferred FragilePAK delivery specialist. You’ll get access to shared technology, new accounts in your service area, and training for your employees. Just as importantly, you’ll be joining our damage-free culture and benefiting from a relationship with an industry leader committed to your success.

Proven Technology

Hundreds of last-mile delivery experts across the country are using FragilePAK’s software to manage communications and workflow with drivers, shippers, and consignees. Your business will benefit, too.

Enhanced Reputation

A relationship with us assures clean deliveries and promises kept. You’ll pick up and deliver items in perfect condition, and customers will appreciate your company for delivering items as promised.

A Catalyst for Growth

We’ll assign a regional service manager to help you build your business. You’ll have a uniquely qualified advocate who understands your industry and whose goal it will be to help ensure your success.

Become a Provider

Let’s create a relationship that lasts.

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Calculate your Damage Savings with FragilePAK

To put it plainly, companies lower their costs and spend less when they switch to FragilePAK to manage oversized, bulky, and heavy shipping, warehousing, and delivery. In fact, many customers eliminate close to 90% of damage claims.

Try our Damage Savings Calculator, below. Just enter a few pieces of data, and we’ll calculate your estimated savings.


Estimated Savings
with FragilePAK


This amount represents your estimated savings from reduced damage claims, alone. Beyond these estimated savings, there are additional costs you’ll reduce when you switch to us, including:

  • Administrative costs of managing damage claims
  • Cost of returns management and restocking
  • Cost of re-shipping and re-delivering merchandise
  • Technology costs
  • Reputation loss and the cost of lost repeat business

Ask your FragilePAK representative for a more detailed, consultative calculation of return-on-investment. Let us illustrate more precisely how our damage-free service is likely to lower your spend.