Jaw-Dropping Customer Service

We’d love to tell you to forget everything you know about shipping, warehousing, and delivery of furniture, appliances, and other oversized, bulky, or heavy items. But, honestly, that’s where we started… we started with everything we’d learned from years of experience in your industry. And then we built a system of processes so elegant, so refined, and so different, that luxury retailers, e-commerce companies, and other customers are making us the fastest growing delivery specialists of our type.


Our processes for shipping to and from warehouses or manufacturing facilities are as careful and reliable as our last-mile deliveries. There’s no better custodian for your inventory.


We service customers from conveniently located warehouse and crossdock facilities dedicated to oversized, bulky, and heavy items. This intense focus is why we’re an industry leader.


Last-mile delivery is where reputations are made. We’ll make ours and yours by keeping the promises consumers expect from both of us — and we’ll lower your costs.

Returns Management

Nearly ten percent of home deliveries are returned or declined by consignees. Fortunately, the FragilePAK Way also applies to managing returns.

Our elite returns management program assures quick returns processing for your customers and careful handling of oversized, bulk, and heavy items for you.

Our full-cycle program is designed to maintain a positive experience for customers and the return of items in the same condition they were delivered.

Hallmarks Of Our Service

We’ve developed best practices based upon years of service expertise. Here’s what else you should expect from FragilePAK.

A relationship with FragilePAK will elevate your service, lower your costs, and turn transactional buyers into loyal customers.

  • Exception avoidance
  • Complete order visibility
  • Self-service scheduling capabilities
  • Sensible transit times
  • Live order monitoring
  • Milestone updates
  • Branded tracking and notifications
  • Customer feedback opportunities
  • Available door-step, threshold, or dock delivery options
Technology & Data Reporting

Gain a competitive edge with FragilePAK.

We perform our work with industry-leading technology, improving communication, tracking, real-time information, and accuracy. Furthermore, because our technology captures extensive data about every shipment or delivery we make, our customers are empowered with the information, control, and insight they need to enhance decision-making. Our data reporting services provide transparency, ensure accountability, and prove regulatory compliance. Data also helps our customers enhance service and control costs.

Who We Serve

Experts in Our Industry & Yours

We founded our company to resolve the issues facing retailers, manufacturers, and others who need to ship or deliver oversized, bulky, and heavyweight shipments and provide a superior experience to consignees.

Expecting a Delivery? Got Questions?

If you have questions about a delivery, contact us here:

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By email: questions@fragilepak.com

By phone: (720) 535-4139

If you have a tracking number and want to track your delivery, use the button, below.

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Retailers & Manufacturers

To arrange a conversation about how we can make large and heavy home delivery better for your business, start here.

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Calculate your Damage Savings with FragilePAK

To put it plainly, companies lower their costs and spend less when they switch to FragilePAK to manage oversized, bulky, and heavy shipping, warehousing, and delivery. In fact, many customers eliminate close to 90% of damage claims.

Try our Damage Savings Calculator, below. Just enter a few pieces of data, and we’ll calculate your estimated savings.


Estimated Savings
with FragilePAK


This amount represents your estimated savings from reduced damage claims, alone. Beyond these estimated savings, there are additional costs you’ll reduce when you switch to us, including:

  • Administrative costs of managing damage claims
  • Cost of returns management and restocking
  • Cost of re-shipping and re-delivering merchandise
  • Technology costs
  • Reputation loss and the cost of lost repeat business

Ask your FragilePAK representative for a more detailed, consultative calculation of return-on-investment. Let us illustrate more precisely how our damage-free service is likely to lower your spend.